Let’s discuss the elephant in the room..

And we will cut straight to the chase

Does a Recovery Coach do what a support coordinator does, but with more of a focus on mental health recovery and relapse prevention?


What does this mean for Support Coordinators?

There are over 420,000 people with a disability being supported by the NDIS

40,000 of these individuals have a psychosocial disability.

It simply means that Support Coordinators will still provide their services to over 90% of NDIS participants

What is the agenda of Recovery Plus Support and their Recovery Coach service? Why should people with a psychosocial disability be linked with a Psychosocial Recovery Coach?

Recovery Plus Support genuinely have the participants best interest at heart. We have systems in place that are proving to be extremely beneficial to our participants, with good news stories coming through regularly from our coaches showing our best practice is changing lives.

Are we receiving referrals from Support Coordinators?

Yes. The companies that refer their participants on to Recovery Plus for recovery coaching show that they too have the participants best interests at heart, and it is companies like this that we reciprocate with and pass on their details to enquiries that may not be best suited to a Recovery Coach (such as a participant with a physical disability)

In closing..

We all exist in the disability industry, passionate about supporting those that are in need.

Every participant deserves a positive support network,
with everyone in their ”boat” rowing,
not drilling holes..

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