Psychosocial Recovery Coach Melbourne

Our team works collaboratively with an individual’s family and support networks, psychosocial recovery coaches provide support to the individual through the planned recovery to build capacity and develop a strong ownership and independence on their life.

Our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches build participants capacity across all the aspects of life. Our team covers all areas in and around Melbourne and can include:

  • Collaborate with the broader system of support to ensure coaching support are recovery oriented.
  • Full support with recovery planning.
  • Increase skills including motivation, focusing on an individual’s strengths and build resilience.
  • Work with you to build strong, respectful relationships.

Psychosocial Recovery Coach Melbourne

Recovery is an important part of the mental health journey for many people. To support psychosocial participants with recovery, the NDIA have now added ‘Recovery Coaches’ to the supports a person with psychosocial disability can get in their NDIS plan as of 1 July 2020. Recovery Coach provides support to people with psychosocial disability to live a contributing life. They can surely assist you to more control of your life so you can better manage the challenges on daily basis.

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Psychosocial Disability Recovery Coach

Psychosocial disability recovery coaches assist in building capacity and resilience through strong relationships to support people with psychosocial disability.

Recovery Plus psychosocial recovery coaching staff have relevant qualifications, training and receive ongoing support and supervision to ensure that they are equipped to provide quality services to all individuals.

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