Psychosocial Recovery Coach Adelaide

Mental illness can affect the way a person feels, behaves, thinks, and perceives the world around them. Psychosocial Recovery Coaches can assist participants managing their mental health to take further control on their life and lead a fulfilling life ahead.

Psychosocial Recovery Coach’s purpose is to provide support to people experiencing a mental health problem by building capacity, strength, and resilience. By coordinating with participants, families, care providers your Recovery Coach will design, plan, and implement.

Our Recovery Coaches will tailor a recovery plan based on your needs and goals, they will explore all the available support services. Our Coaches can help overcome challenges and support you to take charge of life again. To know more about our Psychosocial Recovery Coaching feel free to click here

How Psychosocial Recovery Coaches support you in your mental recovery?

  • We support your respectfully to develop a greater understanding of your mental diagnosis.
  • We provide you with ample options for clinical/support to enhance your recovery.
  • We support families & carers too, ensuring your support people are further supported.
  • We assist you to take more control of your life and to better manage the complex challenges of day-to-day living.
  • We listen and get to know, your strength and goals.

Recovery Coaches are available throughout Adelaide for participants whose primary diagnosis is psychosocial disability.

Lead a positive life

NDIS offers assistance for people living with a psychosocial disability to aid in your recovery. This funding enables you to select the supports you need to achieve your personal recovery goals and lead a positive life.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching support you to achieve your goal with the following:

NDIS Core Supports

  • Getting involved with social participation.
  • Sustaining with daily life activities.
  • Assistance with getting around in the community.

NDIS Capacity Building

  • Better learning.
  • Better health and wellbeing.
  • Better relationships.
  • Better community participation.

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