Therapies For Everyone: Therapy Isn’t Always The Same

Therapy is almost as old as time itself. Dating back to the Middle East during the 9th Century, ‘Rhazes’ was one of the top Physicians and Psychological Thinkers of the time. Looking back now, we can be certain that he was on to something and he may have paved the way for modern therapies.

Somewhere along the way since the 9th Century, we as a people decided ‘Therapy is just lying on a couch complaining to someone. But it doesn’t have to be. Like how we all have different tastes in music as what puts you to sleep might motivate others to exercise. Why not apply the same thinking when contemplating different therapies. Find the method of therapy delivery that is right for you, and there is plenty to choose from!

“Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heartstrings. It acts as medicine.” Macklemore

Two cartoon people engaging in what appears to be a form of talk therapy, which tends to be the most common type.
Therapy comes in many different forms.

Talk Therapies

Some people do not have anyone at home or in their life that they can talk to. Whether that’s celebrating the good going on, or discussing the bad and how to cope with it. Everyone needs someone to talk to, this is one of the oldest therapy methods and is still around for good reason. It works!

Physical Therapy

Sometimes you just need to get a good sweat going to really let the emotions flow. Having someone not only coach you through an effective workout or just go on a hike with you can make a world of difference. Not everyone is gifted verbally when it comes to communicating their feelings.

Art Therapies

The world is filled with people gifted in the creative arts, and it is a viable form of therapy too! Expressing your emotions through brush strokes, pottery or even dance has proven to be a very beneficial form of therapy for the participant. So pick up a brush today!


Sometimes a participant’s environment at home or even their neighbourhood can be a stressful place. So they may just need a change of scenery to help them to open up. Whether that’s visiting their Therapist at their office, or taking their care to the field and going on an adventure. It’s all good!

Animal Therapies

For some participants, they’ve had too much social trauma and basic talk therapy doesn’t work. In this case, the use of animal-assisted therapies can prove to be very beneficial. Dogs, Cats or even snakes can be comforting to people to help them calm down and open up, making their recovery even more effective.

All that we can learn from this is that there is a neverending list of therapies and that they can apply to many different peoples. Everybody can benefit from therapy, not just those who need it immediately, the sooner you can identify and address the issue the healthier your mental health will be.