4 Actions YOU Can Take To Set Goals For SUCCESS In 2022

writing down your goals for 2022

The time for goal setting and self improvement is upon us! Whether you want to get a little bit fitter, earn that extra dollar or start that side hustle today’s tips will help you get there. Implement them individually or altogether to get a huge goal kickstart to the year, and reach your dreams even quicker than ever!

Keep Your Goals Realistic!

Start small with your goals for 2022! It’s all well and good to am for the stars, but before you get there you’ll have to break through the atmosphere! Want to run a marathon? Start by building some base endurance. Trying to save for a house deposit? Start by cutting spending habits and paying off debt. There is always a stepping stone or two before your final end goal, find it and achieve it first.

Track Your Progress Towards Your Goals!

Regardless of the goal that you’ve set yourself, tracking it is key! Track those small amounts that you repay on your debt. Track that 0.1kg you lost last week. It all adds up, and gives you those small amounts of dopamine along the journey to your goal that will ultimately lead to your success! Tracking doesn’t need to be complex either. Apps like Strides or Way of Life, or simple journals or spreadsheets are great ways to make sure you stay on track.

Think Big, But Act Small!

As appealing as the idea of instantly, 100% changing your diet or spending habits is, it isn’t the best approach. Studies have shown when trying to attain a goal, drastic changes lead to short term motivation. We have all been there, whether that was a goal you tried to achieve or a new hobby that you started. You get that massive new burst of motivation and you pour hours upon hours towards that goal. Doesn’t take long for burn out to set in (See How To Recognise Burn Out). Taking smaller steps more often is the more effective method for you to achieve even the most unattainable goal! Exercise for shorter amounts of time more regularly, then build up. Save smaller amounts of money per week, instead of lump sums. You’ll slowly build the habits you need, and break the ones you don’t.

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect!

If you take only one thing from this article going into 2022 let it be this one. Consistency, is amazing. Realistic Goals, are amazing. Tracking, is amazing. But if you are holding yourself to such a high standard that even one mistake will make you spiral out of control, this is a problem. We’re all human at the end of the day. We are all going to make mistakes along our path to greatness and it is not only part of the process, but encouraged! The mistakes help you learn, they instill good practices and teach you how things work in your own mind. What will and won’t work for you specifically, no one can tell you these things you have to figure them out for yourself.

And there you have it! Implent even just one of these steps as we roll into 2022 and you can absolutely make it your year. Get a journal, an app or a really good memory and get ambitious when setting your goals! It’s all well and good to keep it realistic but try and reach and improve with every passing week.

From all of us here at Recovery Plus Support, we wish you all the best in the New Year, for your health, your loved ones and yes, your goals!

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